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About Jacklyn Academy

Jacklyn Academy opened its doors on October 25, 2015. The inspiration behind the school all begin with my sister. In her untimely passing I was inspired to open a school to help her 14 kids who she was survived by. 

My passion for working with kids with learning disabilities and behavior challenges also inspired me to open what is now known as Jacklyn Academy. This school was also opened to help those in my community make a better education for themselves and their families.

Jacklyn Academy offers students who are challenged by the traditional approach to learning, a unique opportunity to  earn an education in a smaller, more individualized, self-paced educational environment. Our mission at Jacklyn Academy is to 'transform the lives of our students.' Jacklyn Academy provides students with a learning enviornment that is sure to lead them to a successful education. 

Every student works according to his or her personalized academic plan and receives individual attention and assistance from our teachers.

-B. Curry

Director, Owner

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